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Book no.1


Philadelphia, December 1840
The jittering candlelight brought it back from the dead with a flutter and a blink. It was violet in colour, luminous, and might have been a thing of beauty if its stare were not so very persistent. I will keep you and those you love safe. I am your amulet, your charm against the past, your talisman for the future. Its promises were as hypnotic as its gaze.

I levered up one plank, then two, and worked feverishly to dislodge a third, thus fashioning a crypt beneath the floor. There it would not haunt me so, the mahogany box that held the antique letters and that glowing orb of amethyst. I will keep you safe. Listen closely and do what I bid.

Its relentless whispers set me on edge, sharpened my senses to an unnatural degree, but truly madness had not overtaken me. I was lucid, utterly so. And yet, my fingers crept towards it like a spider, like the dread that pattered over me. One final time! Then I would close the lid, turn the lock, hide away my legacy. I will keep you and those you love safe.

And there it was upon my palm, its gaze conquering mine, my amulet, my talisman – that malevolent, all-seeing eye of violet, her eye. If it could speak of all the things it had witnessed, all those very cruel things, how calmly it would tell the whole story.

Book no.2
Book no.3
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