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Praise for the Third Book in the Poe and Dupin Mystery Trilogy

Street fulfills the promise of the tantalizing opening with a twisty and nail-biting plot…(Publishers Weekly ⭐️ starred review)


"Superlative historical mystery, capturing the tone of the time and Poe's lasting literary legacy." (Booklist, ⭐️starred review)

"Suspense, unease, darkness, violence and treachery one would expect from Poe himself.  Not only a good read, but also incredibly poignant as well." (Crime Review)

"Evokes Poe’s unique sensibility through passages of inspired prose, in a narrative that preserves the spooky penumbra surrounding Poe’s enduring legend.”

(“Mysteries: Masters of the Form”: 

The Wall Street Journal)

“A brilliant historical whodunit. Empire of the Dead is everything a reader of traditional mysteries or an admirer of Edgar Allan Poe could possibly want.” (Mystery Scene )

"Cleverly pairs Poe with his fictional creation,

the Chevalier C. Auguste Dupin..." (Publishers Weekly)


A gripping read and a worthy homage to Poe’s genius.” (Historical Novel Society)

“A skillful melding of historical detail and fiction, rife with Poe-like style, imagery and plot elements."  

(Library Journal, ⭐️starred review)

“ Street’s excellent sequel to 2016’s Edgar Allan Poe and the London Monster..."  (Publishers Weekly, ⭐️starred review)

"Come for the mystery, stay for Street’s fantastic characters, gorgeous writing, and oodles of atmosphere. This is an utterly delightful treat that’s not to be missed." (Criminal Element)


"An extremely useful book for anyone interested in the genre of crime fiction or the practise of screenwriting."  

Jonathan L. Powell, (Producer: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy)

© 2023 Karen Lee Street
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