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KAREN LEE STREET is an author, screenwriter and script editor.  


Edgar Allan Poe and the London Monster (2016/ 2017) is the first novel in a Poe & Dupin mystery trilogy,  a 'what-if' tale based on a series of true crimes that occurred in London in the late eighteenth century.  Sequel  Edgar Allan Poe and the Jewel of Peru (2018), is set in Philadelphia 1844 against a backdrop of the Nativist riots.  The final novel in the trilogy, which takes place in Paris 1849, is Edgar Allan Poe and the Empire of the Dead (UK: October 2019/ USA: May 2020), a historical mystery of mesmerism and magic, the shadows of the past, and the endurance of love.

The books can be read as stand-alones and while some references to Poe's life and his tales are woven into the novels,  it isn't at all necessary to know anything about Edgar Allan Poe or his work to follow the plot. (The question has been asked!) The publishers are Point Blank Books, an imprint of Oneworld Publications (UK); Pegasus Books, USA; AST in Russia; Vulkan in Serbia; and Paris Yayincik in Turkey.


Karen's other published works include Writing and Selling Crime Film Screenplays and short story collection Tattoos and Motorcycles, articles on film, poetry, and commissioned screenplays.  


Karen's film career began in Anchorage, Alaska where she was employed for a summer as a documentary runner and programming trainee at a CABLE television company. She followed this with freelance work on music videos and short films in London. As Head of Development at the largest script development fund in Europe (the European Script Fund/ European Media Development Agency, MEDIA Programme), Karen created the first pan-European script analysis service and ran Second Stage Funding. ​ She continues to consult for the MEDIA Programme, does freelance script editing, runs writing workshops, and is a produced screenwriter. 



Karen has a PhD in Writing from the University of South Wales.  Her thesis focused on adapting novels into screenplays: "From Nascent-Narrative to Multiverse: An Alternative Perspective on Adaptation.”  She has taught MA-level screenwriting at universities in the UK, Estonia, Latvia, and run training workshops for professional screenwriters in Denmark, Ireland, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Canada and the UK.

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