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  • Karen Lee Street

Translated and launched in Turkey

Delighted that Edgar Allan Poe and the London Monster has now been published in Turkey by Paris Yayincik. Again, a very different cover design, which I find fascinating. I like that Poe looks pensive or anxious rather than angst-ridden as he does in many images of him; this expression fits his demeanor in the novel.

Translating a novel from one language to another takes such skill and artistry. It's not just a question of plugging in text bit by bit into google-translate or similar (though these seem to be improving), the translator has to pick up on the nuances of the text and find similar words in another language; she or he must also capture the tone and musicality. With the dialogue, each individual voice must also be translated in such a way to give the most accurate sense of the character. Quite a skill.

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