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  • Karen Lee Street

Interview with the 'Raven Lunatics'

I had a great time chatting about Edgar Allan Poe and my Poe/ Dupin mystery trilogy with the 'Raven Lunatics': Dwight L. MacPherson, Rebecca MacPherson, and Chris Semtner. Dwight is a writer and publisher of comics, including: The Imaginary Voyages of Edgar Allan Poe and Terra Somnium, a companion piece. He founded Hocus Pocus Comics, which he runs with Rebecca.

Chris Semtner is a Poe scholar and the curator at the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia. He is also an artist.

The 'Raven Lunatics' are chatting with a number of intriguing people with a scholarly and/ or creative connection with Poe, so do look for their web chats on Youtube.

Here is the link to Episode 7.

Sadly, due to my slow broadband and being miles away in Australia with Dwight and Rebecca in Florida and Chris in Virginia, there are a number of odd 'freezes' which are very disconcerting (well, I look extra strange), but you can always just listen to the audio instead.

(This Franklin Booth illustration: "A Continent Is Bridged", done for the Atlantic Telephone & Telegraph Company, 1940 is how I imagine the magic of video chat, albeit rather more elegant.)

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