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Gothic Night, Stoke Newington, watched over by Poe

Had a wonderful Gothic Night at Stoke Newington Literary Festival on 4 June, held at St. Mary's Old Church and presided over by Suzi Feay who first led a discussion with about Mary Shelley's Frankenstein with authors Sally Gardner and Emma Carroll, and science writer Jon Turney. In part II, Eleanor Wasserberg (Foxlowe), Emma Carroll (Strange Star) and I (Edgar Allan Poe and the London Monster) read from our novels by candlelight and discussed how the Gothic is still an influence, led by Suzi Feay. It was the perfect spot to debut a reading from the novel as Poe lived in England from 1815 - 1820 with his adoptive parents Frances and John Allan, where he attended the Manor House School in Stoke Newington from 1817 - 1820. The school no longer exists, but two plaques and a bust of Poe are situated at the site of the school -- unveiled by Steven Berkoff in 2011. And here they are!


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